AMHVoices: Zim has been under lockdown since 1980


ON Saturday, Zimbabwe “celebrated” 40 years of freedom from colonial rule, but four decades down the line the question still remains: Are we really free or we are just in a different state of lockdown?

By Boniface Manjeya, Our Reader

Do we really have the freedom to speak and express ourselves? Freedom to associate? Freedom to make our own political choices? Freedom to be who we want to be without fear of persecution?

The situation that we find ourselves in 40 years into the so-called democracy and independence leaves a lot to be desired. We are more into the dependence side than independent. No jobs, ailing economy, dilapidated infrastructure, collapsed health system, captured organs of the State, the list is endless.

We are independent, but millions of sons and daughters of Zimbabwe are scattered all over the world enduring a lot of stress and suffering. It feels like we are a cursed generation with no hope of a better tomorrow. All the efforts and hardships endured to build a better tomorrow were thwarted by those who claim to have liberated us.

One wonders how long this pain and suffering will take. Is there any hope of a better tomorrow for us? We do appreciate the struggles that our leaders went through to liberate us but for how long are they going to hold this against us?

Zimbabwe’s ambassador to South Africa David Hamadziripi pointed out that we are celebrating the restoration of dignity to our people. Are we really?

Dignity is a product of freedom indeed. Freedom to opportunities, freedom from social injustices, freedom from discrimination and freedom to move at your own pace.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in our beloved Zimbabwe. The future looks bleak with each passing day. All hope seems to be disappearing. At times the only way to show that you care is by letting go, especially, if your claws are hurting that which you are clinging onto. It really feels like there is nothing to celebrate.

We love you so much our beloved leaders. We appreciate the pain and suffering you went through in fighting against our oppressors. Unfortunately, you have overstayed your welcome and this has tainted all the good work that you did. We do not need to shed more blood to have another crop of leaders.

Zimbabwe has a lot of potential because it has got both the natural and human resources needed. Only if you our elders learn to let go of your egos and understand that one does not need to be a war liberator to lead, otherwise we will need to have another Chimurenga in order to breed a new crop of leaders.

It is entirely up to you to create the freedom that you preach and fought for. Let Zimbabwe be for all and not a selected few. Unlock the doors for your fellow citizens to explore, express and exercise because this is the only way to take it forward and restore the dignity of your sons and daughters because as it stands there is no freedom.

The struggle still continues and this time the war is even worse because we are silently killing one another.