AMHVoices: University degrading education system


AS a concerned student at a university based in Harare, I want to raise my concern about lectures that are being conducted on a WhatsApp group. The country is on lockdown and all universities are affected.

By Disgusted student

How on earth are we supposed to learn using WhatsApp? Is the university not able to reschedule its programmes and timetables to cater for the disruption? Does it not affect the quality of education that we should get?

If this is allowed to continue simply because the university wants to get over and done with the block release classes which were scheduled for this period, then education is doomed.

Other universities have postponed learning as directed by the authorities. I think the university will go down in history as the first to offer such a weird learning platform in the world.

Timetables are already out for learning to take place on WhatsApp. Maybe the next thing will be WhatsApp examinations and then WhatsApp degrees.

I am writing to you so that you can investigate and come to our rescue. I don’t know whether all institutions are doing that, but this is what is happening at the Bulawayo campus.


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