AMHVoices: Komichi, you are violating the Supreme Court judgment

MDC-T chairperson Morgen Komichi

DEAR senator Morgen Komichi,

I was watching a video interview where you were being interviewed by some online paper, where you insinuated that you were the bona fide MDC-T chairperson.

The Supreme Court said the party should go back to the structure before the unconstitutional appointments of two additional vice-presidents (Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri) in 2016.

This means Lovemore Moyo is the one who should be the chairperson as he only resigned from his position in 2018 citing the same unconstitutionalism that you are talking about.

Understandably, Moyo may want to maintain his decision to quit, but you, Komichi, as soon as the Supreme Court judgment was passed, already had a written statement to read as chairman of the party before allowing Moyo to decline his restoration as chairperson as ordered by the Supreme Court.

You must admit that you are power-hungry.

Obviously, you are hurt just like many other party cadres, as you worked hard for the party.

But that power-grabbing act of claiming chairmanship before the legitimately restored chairman Moyo had turned down the offer was wrong.

If Moyo decides or has already decided not to get back to his position, that is evidence that the Supreme Court judgment is not implementable because some people do not want to go back to their 2014 positions.

Moyo will not be the only one who may not want to revert to his 2014 position. There could be some who were youths then and no longer eligible to be in the youth league.

If Moyo cannot revert to a position he has been restored to, holding an extra-ordinary congress without him as chair is a violation of the rule of law.

You should abide by the rule of law. You were not the chairman in 2016, and the Supreme Court judgment is very clear about restoring people to their 2014 positions.

Kennedy Kaitano


  1. Kennedy Kaitano , You have a challenge of being an interested party .Komichi did not refuse Moyo to take over the chairmanship . Komichi was well placed to comment in the absence of the chairman . There is a system that makes sure that there is no vacuum which is the vice automatically takes over in the absence of the leader . Having people who do not want to go back to the 2014 positions does not make the extra-ordinary congress not implementable . There is always a system in place that when one position holder is not available , the next one takes over . Those you say were youths then , will attend the congress to normalize the structures as far as the presidential position is concerned . The ordinary congress will then be called by the president to normalize all the other structures . Lets have non-aligned comments in order for us to get good analysis . Kaitano is like Ncube who says Kuphe can not get enough people to make up the extra ordinary congress delegates but at the same time says Kuphe had over 46000 people who voted for her . How then would she fail to get about 5000 delegates to the congress . All those who do not want to be involved will be replaced according to the party system .

  2. Chickens are simply coming home to roost. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Komichi & his accomplice (Dougy) must surely understand this simple principle. The court is more than clear: “2014 structures are required to go to so-called extra-ordinary congress”. In other words, munhu oga-oga anoda zve-extraordinary congress pfeka jersey rako rawanga wakapfeka muna 2014 not after 2014. Komichi iri kurashika papi chaizvo mu-one room yeCourt judgement iyoyi? Avakugwara pfungwa Komichi uyu.

  3. Komichi need to understand what is Law ? In short Law is a guideline of the wise and a strict adherence Fool . If he think move forward by going to 2014 , the question I have for him is , who was paying your salary from 2014 until now ? The unconstitutional organisation of Tsvangirai and now of Chamisa , If you want to reverse all this to 2014 then you need to reverse all payment made to you by the Party from then until now . That’s law because you were getting paid by the organisation that was unconstitutional and you accepted there make you an accomplice. Wake up Mr Komichi . Kana wakatopiwa mari neZanu run nayo coz vachazoda mari yavo very soon . Do you honestly think a progress person will follow you and Mwonzora ? Zviroto zviroto bamboo kana makarota makutonga Zimbabwe and if you think what did during Election time will make you a hero think twice . There are Hero’s and Idiots and I am very sure you already understand which category you fall on . MDC-Alliance will win the next elections and there will be outright . Maybe you need to go back and learn the same constitution you hard from Alliance . You may find that it defines this differently now from your understanding .

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