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AMHVoices: Is Zim ready for a third force?


WITH so much taking place around the world, this could not have crossed the radar. Presently, the country is on autopilot as most people are not aware of what their future will be like after this COVID-19 pandemic.

By Leonard Koni, Our Reader

In this era, with the virus choking food supplies to Africa, people are likely to become so agitated and will start looking for ways to rescue themselves from hunger through food riots.

In Zimbabwe, I foresee a new political wave and people are likely to engage in mass riots in order to achieve their goals.

People have been hard-pressed by a rhetoric political militant group and have resorted to finding ways to freeing themselves from the shackles of bondage. A revolution does not march in a straight line, but will wander until it reaches its goal.

After this devastating global pandemic, I foresee great changes coming to the whole world and Zimbabwe is no exception.

I am no political pundit, but I foresee a political party rising from both Zanu PF and MDC Alliance — a runaway grouping slowly losing the patience of waiting to see what both political parties have promised in their election manifestos.

Many Zanu PF members are seeing President Emmerson Mnangagwa as not taking them anywhere. More people are becoming jobless and all hope has vanished.

I see a new wave of political power strategically positioning itself and sprouting into a very huge political party which will send very powerful political messages and signals to the disgruntled Zimbabweans both local and in the diaspora working for the same cause.

It is going to be a wake-up call for both political formations. Zimbabwe is a very rich country, but its millions of people are still living in abject poverty because of lack of political will to solve the challenges bedevilling the country.

It’s either the leaders are now too old or they have enriched themselves and want to continue plundering the country’s resources to satisfy their personal egos or their insatiable appetite for political power.

In a rich country full of resources, the dependency syndrome has been the order of the day, waiting for donations from countries like China, America and Britain, just to mention a few.

A vibrant and brand new political wave is possible in Zimbabwe. The ground looks healthy, fertile and ripe for a third force, with a new way of strategic thinking, a radical new way of mobilising.

A new way of calculating and actioning ideas, a piercing and stinging party that will give hope and usher in a new vibrant and strong Zimbabwe is what people are longing for.

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