AMHVoices: Zim must copy Moza’s ‘open for business’ model


I WAS pleased to hear that Mozambique has approved the simplification of procedures for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to get an electricity connection.

By Gwizhikiti, Our Reader

The measure is part of efforts to improve the business environment, thereby generating employment and improving living standards.

Last week’s council of ministers meeting approved the amendment to the electrical installation licensing regulations in order to boost the emergence and development of SMEs.

The legal amendment concerned the seventh category of electrical installations (39.6 kVA), which include a transformer, which will from now on be supplied by Mozambique Electricity at no cost to the customer.

The previous regime required interested companies to import the transformer on their own account and follow procedures that could take 40 or more days to conclude.

From now on, SMEs will see the time to establish electrical connections reduced to 23 days, in addition to finding procedures simplified and costs cut.

This is what we call “open for business”, not some rhetoric being preached to us here in Zimbabwe by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration.

The Mozambican Council of Ministers session also considered information on the population in that country, which in the next 30 years will more than double to 59,9 million by 2050.

These are the demographics and information needed by anyone who wants to invest in any country.

Our government should know that it should not end by merely yapping the “open for business” mantra, but should explain all the details to potential investors. Mozambique is setting a good example in that regard.