US-based Zim rapper ropes in Rwandan musician



UNITED STATES-BASED Zimbabwean rapper Joseph “MafiReign” Mafirei has roped in Rwandan rapper Cyusa in a new track titled Praise the Lord.

The Chemistry PhD student told NewsDay Life & Style that as a poet-cum-musician, he ventured into music in order to share love through his artistry.

“I was a poet in high school but started translating my poetry into music around age 16. My first recording was in college,” he said, adding that he has since worked with artistes including Mickey from South Africa, Fre-D of GoldRush Records from Nigeria and Packard Browne in the US.

“I am still budding in the industry but I am not here for profit. My main aim is to share love through artistry, which is why my music is available for free.”

Mafirei said his career began in South Africa where he recorded his first album titled Never Love Again before relocating to the US.

“We are planning on working on a joint album with Cyusa and will incorporate very few artistes as needed,” he said.

Turning to local music, Mafirei endorsed Tammy Moyo saying she had an authentic sound.