Seed Co empowers youths in agriculture



Pan-African seed company Seed Co, in conjunction with Boost Fellowship, launched a youth development programme aimed at creating opportunities for young people to enhance their innovative capacity in agriculture.

Seed Co deputy managing director Edworks Mhandu said the purpose of the programme was to equip the youth to come up with innovative and entrepreneurial ideas that change society and improve the economy.

“The purpose of this programme is to equip young innovators in agriculture as they come up with new ideas which are innovative. Their ideas will help us bring new farming methods that are beneficial to the country’s economy,” he said.

Agricultural innovators were urged to bring new ideas that were valuable to farmers and seed producers to improve efficiency and make farming

Seed Co regional managing director Denias Zaranyika urged young agriculture innovators to develop ideas that have to be commercialised, add value to Seed Co and the country; create new jobs and change the world.

“We cannot afford to continue importing raw materials when we have a lot of land at our disposal. Let us be innovative and utilise the land to bring productivity in the country,” he

“Innovation hubs across the world are dreaming of new and better ways of meeting customer needs and expectations. Your innovations should be seen to add value to Seed Co, Zimbabwe and the world.
Innovations must create new organisations and new jobs.”


  1. This is a great initiative that can be carried out by everyone of us as youth.As the world continue to have a somersault in technological advancement ,we also need to work out new ideologies and innovations that improves the livelihood of people and guarantee food security which is a major concern to our economy.

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