Residents threaten to protest over roller meal shortage



BULAWAYO residents have threatened to take to the streets if maize meal shortages persist.

Residents queuing for the staple product expressed concern over the shortages, claiming that the obtaining situation was precarious and if not addressed, they would be left with no option, but to storm the streets demanding remedy.

Residents accused government of stretching their patience.

“We have been tested for too long and, believe you me, if things continue like this residents will end up taking to the streets because a hungry man is an angry man,” a Bulawayo resident, Lesley Mathe said.

The residents appealed to the relevant authorities and retailers to address the issue of mealie meal shortages, accusing some shop owners of selling the commodity on the black market for a higher price.

“We are sick and tired of corrupt officials working with corrupt retailers to buy mealie meal then sell it on the black market. We are now buying a 10kg of mealie meal for ZAR100 and this is beyond the reach of many,” Nombulelo Ncube of Mahatshula said.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Grain Millers’ Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) spokesperson Garikai Chaunza said the association had imported 10 000 tonnes of maize from South Africa which was already in the country.

“People should not panic as GMAZ has imported 10 000 tonnes of maize from South Africa and the maize is already in the country awaiting distribution. We will continue to import more maize,” Chaunza assured.