Pay rates, Beitbridge residents urged


By Rex Mphisa

BEITBRIDGE East legislator Albert Nguluvhe (Zanu PF) has called on residents in the border town to pay municipal rates on time to expedite efficient service delivery.

Speaking at the unveiling of a $2,9 million refuse compactor truck purchased by the Municipality of Beitbridge (MoB) on Saturday, the MP also urged council to be accountable.

“I encourage our ratepayers to play their part to enable the council to play their function, albeit the financial problems faced,” Nguluvhe said, adding that MoB has to be accountable to its people and should use devolution funds to improve service delivery.

“Councillors should show the people what they get from government as part of the devolution funds,” he said.

Speaking to Southern Eye, town clerk Loud Ramakgapola said council was planning to buy a grader to improve the town’s road network.

“We are intending to procure a grader to deal with our gravel roads. For the grader, we will again use devolution funds.

“We have put a tender to resurface the 1,57km road between Shule-Shule and the Dulivhadzimo bus terminus to be funded by the Zimbabwe National Road Administration,” Ramakgapola said.
“We have also hired a jetting machine to clean up our sewer system we suspect has accumulated a lot of sand,” he said.

“Budget for public lighting is in place and we should, like we did last year, advertise for contractors to do our street lights and tower lights. We are also in the process of engaging those who own (mobile phone) base stations with a view to put up lights at those base stations,” Ramakgapola said.

He added that council was also keen on building a recreational park next to the National Social Security Authority complex and improve the current park adjacent to the Beitbridge Post Office.

“We have put a budget in place and if our income allows that will be done.”