New Mat’land political party to be launched in SA



A NEW Zimbabwean political party, Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance (MDA) will be launched in South Africa this month.

The new party could result in more confusion for the voters given that there are two other parties with almost similar names, Mthwakazi Republic Party led by Mqondisi Moyo, Mthwakazi Liberation Front led by Churchill Gunduza, Matabeleland Liberation Organisation led by the exiled Paul Siwela and the United Movement for Devolution led by former Speaker of the House of Assembly Lovemore Moyo, among others.

In a letter to Southern Eye dated March 14, MDA secretary-general Thulani Sibanda said: “Our event would be held on March 28 at Hillbrow Theatre in Johannesburg. Our guest speakers will include among others the president of MDA Hloniphani Ncube and the esteemed members of the national Accounting Council.”

In an interview yesterday, Ncube said after the launch in South Africa, the party will hold a policy conference in Gweru and in Bulawayo on dates to be announced soon.

“Firstly as a political institution, we are after addressing the concerns of a brutal system which is underpinned on disrespect of democracy, independence of the judiciary, media pluralism and the entire human rights that are supposed to be enjoyed by all human beings and also promote human dignity and international respect,” Ncube said.

“We believe that since the advent of the so-called Zimbabwe independence, we only realised brutality in our land changing the skin. We only transformed the skin colour in our political system and neglected fundamental issues like good governance and the rule of law. This has attracted suffering to our people and worsening political crisis.”

Ncube, who is the former MRP secretary general said MDA exists to restore Mthwakazi nationhood and a political system that will promote democracy, tolerance, development, good governance and strong state institutions.

“We will further craft policies that promote local development. We believe that the current political parties that exist have never been serious about addressing human needs and wants of our societies, especially at local government level,” Ncube said.

“In fact, some are good at identifying problems blaming them on others instead of seriously addressing the human crisis experienced by our beautiful land of Mthwakazi with the capacity to develop and sustain itself.”


  1. It’s a shame when politics turns tribal, what’s the difference with Zanu if I may ask? Who says everyone in Matebeleland is Ndebele? I wonder if there will be a reasonable generation which will stop changing road names and rename provinces removing the tribal connotations. Colonization really made Africans dunce, racial,vicious and tribal or it’s just in their DNA.

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