Musician Greatman pays lobola



DISABLED Afro-jazz musician Tongai “Greatman” Gwaze (27) recently paid lobola for his sweetheart, Silibazo Masara.

Gwaze, who was born with myopathy — a condition that affects muscles — announced the development through his Facebook page, describing his love for Masara as unconditional.

“I know a lot has been said about her character by some people who believe that she has other intentions but honestly as unbelievable as it seems or as hilarious as some of you
think it is, the indisputable fact is — what brought us together is unconditional love,” hesaid.

The wheelchair-bound Chitungwiza-based musician said his condition did not make him “useless”.

The musician told NewsDay Life & Style that wedding plans were underway and they were likely to wed in September.

 “I can’t say much about it and the date except it is in six months to come. For now I am not at liberty to disclose the bride price for security reasons,” he said.

Greatman started his music career in 2010 in Mhangura but has been in the background for years till the time he met Sulumani Chimbetu in 2017.

He has released three albums and has also worked with Mathias Mhere.


  1. Next tym the journalist should refrain from using jargon which is deragatory… why start your article by saying ‘Disabled Afro jazz musician Tongai Gwaze’… See the person first before the disability.

    • so true. bad journalism there. also euphimisms like physically challenged could help, he is not disabled. he has abilities that many can only dream of…and he still chose to tag him disabled.

  2. If this is true love without cheating and trying to get money from Greatman this is going to be blessed and a lesson to the whole world.Her dressing also can tell a lot about her.

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