McHoney revels in acting career



AWARD-WINNING Afro-fusion songbird Linda “Lee McHoney” Nyauchi has been revelling in her new acting career after she was roped into a new film titled Wadiwa Wepamoyo featuring veteran actor Ben Mahaka.
McHoney told NewsDay Life & Style that she always had a passion for acting, but was not going to quit music.

“I have always had a passion for acting, but I had never considered taking it up as a career. I enjoy watching drama and being part of it just happened when Derby and Ian, the producers of the show thought my personality would fit well in the acting industry and I gave it a shot,” she said.

“I believe I’m a multi-talented artist. I will not quit music for anything, though I will venture into other opportunities in the arts industry.”

The Bulawayo-based songstress said she was honoured to work alongside Mahaka in her first major screen production.

“When he (Ben Mahaka) came on set I was literally star struck. I started forgetting my lines and didn’t know how to act around him. He’s an amazing actor and he learnt the script on set yet he did so well. It’s a great experience. I am much honoured. This was my first major production. I don’t know if in future they will consider airing it on national TV,” she said.

The film, originally shot as a web series, has been trending on the internet since its release.

The Skoro Skoro hitmaker made waves in the music industry after the release of her latest video titled Laphokhona, which has received rave views on video-sharing platform YouTube. The video also got some attention from the international audience, especially South Africa.