Killer T opens up on new house

ZIMDANCEHALL sensation Killer T has confirmed that an upmarket house in Aspindale Park, Harare, he showcased on social media early this month was indeed his after some people had expressed reservations over his claims.


Killer T, who is a full-time musician, told NewsDay Life & Style that he raised between US$80 000 and US$100 000 over six years to get the house off the ground.

The musician, who was born and bred in Harare’s oldest high-density of Mbare before writing his own fairy tale, said the money was drawn from his personal savings earned through music.

Coming from the notorious Matapi flats, the highly talented youthful musician has made a name both at home and internationally through his popular Zimbabwe music brand.

The Makarova Gunners hitmaker said he came from a poor background which motivated him to invest in immovable property.
“My father died when I was about three years old and my mother used to sell tea at the market to raise money for rent, so it was difficult during those days,” he said.

“So, when I got the opportunity to make money through my music, the first thing that popped into my mind was to build my own house. I raised the money from my music career because I couldn’t bear living my whole life lodging.” ads Ads

Killer T said a lot of Zimdancehall chanters were making a lot of money, but investing it wisely depended on an individual’s mindset and vision.

The chanter expressed gratitude to his fans for supporting his music career, whose proceeds allowed his dream to come true, adding that he had been living at the house for a year now.

Meanwhile, in the wake of COVID-19 which saw President Emmerson Mnangagwa declaring a total lockdown on Friday, Killer T said it was important for artistes to have several streams of income.

The chanter is currently riding high on his latest video for the song Hazvigone, off Hope Dzeumambo singles collection which has been trending on YouTube since it was uploaded on February 10.

Killer T is on record saying his music was inspired by his personal everyday experiences.

“I sing what I come across every day. There are things that happen here in Mbare that are so interesting. In fact, I get inspiration from the people here. Their lifestyles, aspirations and challenges make me want to pen more songs,” he said.

Killer T was born on January 10, 1990, in Mbare and was orphaned at a young age.

He had to make ends meet through all manner of means to survive, before branching into Zimdancehall music around 2012. The name Killer T is a combination of his nickname Killer (A ‘killer’ of dancehall which he got from his brother (a ‘killer’ of dancehall lyrics) and T (short for Temptation), his younger brother’s stage name.

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