Govt urges SMEs to produce sanitary wear


THE government is encouraging small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to produce sanitaryware as imported products were now beyond the reach of many.


Some women use cow dung or rags during menstruation and some school-going girls are skipping classes after failing to access the personal hygiene product.

Health minister Obadiah Moyo made the call in Bulawayo on Wednesday after concerns were raised that girls were failing to go to school when they are menstruating.

“The issue of menstruation period and sanitary pads in schools, we have said that we want to support SMEs so that they produce sanitary pads. The government has gone further and removed duty when importing the products,” Moyo said.

“So the government is trying its best, but this does not fall under the Ministry of Health per se, but we are looking at the Ministry of Women and Gender and we have always talked to each other and encouraged each other.”

Moyo said government was pushing for the sanitary pads be a free commodity.

“At the end of the day, we want those kids to end up getting those things for free, so that they cannot go and use unusual methods of keeping themselves clean,” he said.