Filmmaker unveils movie on cultism



LOCAL film producer David Kanduna is set to unveil his debut short film titled 8 hours next month, whose storyline centres on the implications of cultism.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, Kanduna said he roped in young people in the production who were able to understand and bring out the themes effectively.

“As much as I tried to get a great result at the end, I got a crew of very youthful and talented individuals and the result and their input was overwhelming as they understood fully what we wanted our audience to understand from the movie,” he said.

Kanduna said the movie was about a father who was in a cult and had sacrificed his family for rituals and money. The story also highlights how redemption was important and never too late no matter the depth of your sin.

Kanduna said there were other themes in the film which included love and forgiveness.

“There is also love, the power of love is also shown and love helps a bad character choose the right path. We also tried to show the importance of family and forgiveness. The film is full of suspense and the way we shot it is creative in a way that the audience will be on an emotional roller-coaster, always curious about the next step,” he said.

Kanduna said despite studying business at university, he always had the passion for filmmaking.

“Although I have been in business school, I have always been good with telling stories and creating concepts for other people’s projects that I usually act in. I wrote this to just prove a point and help each and every cast and crew member show their potential,” he said.

“We want to continuously make films, collaborating with different people, especially the talented youth. The goal is to create unique but standard content.”

He said the short film was expected to be turned into a series and will be premiered on social media YouTube and any online television station which they were yet to decide. Among the film cast is the writer Kanduna, Chris Timbe, Antonio Sipriano and Penelope Togara.