Enzo Ishall turns to business

Enzo Ishall


ZIMDANCEHALL chanter Enzo Ishall (pictured) has ventured into dishwasher production in a bid to expand his brand and hedge against the low profitability of the local music industry.

The Kanjiva hitmaker told NewsDay Life & Style that the music industry was not profitable, hence his decision to launch a side business.

“Music is not paying enough in Zimbabwe, so I have decided to venture into the dishwasher business, a move which is meant to provide me with extra income. I am looking forward to selling my brand through this initiative and I will be using Ishall as my brand name,” he said.

Enzo Ishall said it was important for artistes to have other businesses rather than rely on live shows.

“The share will be too little, so we want to do it like famous American musicians such as Jay Z. These guys are making more money from their businesses also. So an outside hustle will help an artiste sustain his or her career and bring in extra income,” he said.

He said they have 2 000 units of the dishwashing liquid in store, but they are aiming for 100 000 in future.

“Currently we are only doing it on a small-scale basis and we are making at least 2 000 units and we are eyeing about 100 000 in future because at the moment we are operating with few resources and we are also looking forward to making multi-purpose detergents and degreaser. I am now a formal trader and have registered my business and I do all tax clearance procedures,” he said.

Meanwhile, the musician said he was learning new things under Tinmak Productions, which he said had opened doors for him especially in professional training to manage his career.

Enzo Ishall was billed to embark on an Asian tour that included China, but it was cancelled following the coronavirus outbreak.