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Drum playing unpopular: Ndlovu


DRUMS of Peace founder (DoP), Lewis Ndlovu has said his sector was not fully appreciated and not as vibrant as other music genres because many people associated playing drums with ancestral spirits and beliefs.


Ndlovu, however, said he had observed the white community appreciated the art more and he has been able to pay school fees for his two sons with money earned from drum playing.

”Drumming is not vibrant as compared to theatre. Theatre is much appreciation than drumming. Drumming is mostly appreciated by whites. There isn’t much appreciation from our people as they view drums as ancestral things,” Ndlovu told NewsDay Life & Style.

The drummer said he has faced many challenges, but remained resolute.

”We have had a bad experience in most cases with some Christians. I remember we had a bad experience at one wedding where we were told to get out with our drums as they didn’t want to see us,” he said.

”But the groom and brides stood their ground and told them they wanted us to entertain them.”

Ndlovu said drums were not only played to invoke ancestral spirits, but were multi-purpose.

”As we can take a look, traditionally a drum is played for ancestral things. But again, a drum has different purposes, they were played at weddings, children’s games, sending messages, played before kings and ushering the royal family,” he said.

Ndlovu, however, said drumming was growing in Bulawayo and he was happy to have inspired a lot of people.

He has been playing drums for 24 years and has been able to support his family through the art.

He said the sound from the drums and how they are made fascinated tourists.

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