Chitando invites miners for lockdown exemptions


MINES minister Winston Chitando has called on mining companies seeking exemption or temporary relief to continue operating during the 21-day national lockdown to apply through the Chamber of Mines.


In a statement, Chitando said coal mining companies were exempted since their operations relate to generation of electricity, but were obliged to adhere to hygienic standards prescribed for the control of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Mining operations which face implementation challenges are requested to apply for partial exemption to the Ministry of Mines through the Chamber of Mines,”he said.

“The application should indicate clearly the nature and modus of operation during the lockdown period and the measures which will be taken to safeguard employees and other stakeholders from potential spread of the COVID-19.”

Just a few service industries have been allowed to continue operating during the lockdown, which starts today and ends on April 18.