Chamisa chides Mnangagwa over COVID-19

BY Richard Muponde/Brenna Matendere

MDC president Nelson Chamisa has blasted his nemesis, President Emmerson Mnangagwa for his lackadaisical approach at handling the coronavirus, saying he should consider locking down the country’s borders to avoid the spread of the deadly virus.

Chamisa also challenged Mnangagwa to go into self-isolation after his trip to Namibia last Friday to attend the inauguration of Namibian President Hage Geingob.

Botswana leader Mokgweetsi Masisi, has, after his Namibian trip, started a 14-day self-isolation which will include testing for COVID-19.

Masisi will work from home over the period that he will also be quarantined from his family.

Namibia has three confirmed cases and Botswana has no case, while Zimbabwe has two confirmed cases, one of which has resulted in the death of journalist Zororo Makamba.

In an interview yesterday, Chamisa’s spokesperson, Nkululeko Sibanda said the country should close all entry points before people die like flies, as the government is ill-equipped to fight COVID-19. He said Mnangagwa’s trip to Namibia was not necessary and the money used to fund it could have been used to improve the country’s ailing health facilities designated to handle COVID-19 cases.

“Over night, we had three cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Zimbabwe. Remember, that our ports of entry are still dangerously supervised,” Sibanda said.

“The other day, a bus at Beitbridge Border Post was allowed to cross the country at will, while a suspected case was quarantined. I am terrified at the lack of urgency by government.”

He expressed fear that the coronavirus would spread like veld fire at queues for fuel and Zupco buses.

“We need to lock up this country. Distance working is now essential. We have too many flash points,” he said.

“He (ED) must as a gesture of seriousness and as a precaution to protect our people and country, follow the steps taken by other leaders,” Sibanda said.

“It is really saddening that he travelled to Namibia when the country is facing such a terrible national crisis. There is virtually no equipment in hospitals designated to handle the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have less than 100 beds in the country (meant for coronavirus patients). We have about 30 or so in Harare, and a slightly lower number in Bulawayo,” he said.

“I believe that we should call these people to question. The money that they used to fly out to Namibia for something that is non-essential could have been put to better use. The Namibians can inaugurate their own President under full understanding of the fact that the rest of the world is busy dealing with COVID-19.”

Zimbabwe is facing a grim prospect of failing to control the spread of COVID-19 after it emerged that the country’s health professionals were yet to receive the requisite training and protective clothing to handle the pandemic which has so far globally recorded over 15 000 deaths and 358 823 confirmed cases as of yesterday.

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  2. As usual we have Chamisa blaming ED, but letting his MDC-A run city council not providing people with water which is very critical at this stage. We lock down we remain restricted in our homes, people in hostels who stay as many as 10 in one room with no running water remain in their rooms, we are creating another epidemic. If the MDC-A run council were as efficient as Chamisa wants the people to believe, we would not have refuse not being collected and presenting another health hazard. Suburbs like Hatfield have not had running water for over 6 months and Chamisa sees nothing wrong with that. Mbare hostels are congested and a health hazard, Chamisa sees nothing with that. Vendors are being allowed to set up shops everywhere and Chamisa sees nothing with that. Chamisa and the MDC-A run council are equally to blame for the crisis in Harare. What improvement has the MDC-A council done in Harare, besides turning Harare into a vendor infested city. Who is collecting the money these vendors are paying to set up stalls in Magamba, Rememberance Drive and arounf Rufaro Stadium?

    1. @ L MAKOMBE, too much lack of ignorance in you, its like expecting you as a father of the house to provide your family with running water, are you able to do that? how then do you expect city councils to run efficiently when the government is rotten? The money is not enough to do all that you expect, just like your salary is not enough to take care of your family’s needs.

      1. the city council collects its own revenue, and happens to be one of the most rotten organizations in the country, ED and Chamisa same same

    2. Munya Luke Janana Bikaz

      Chamisa is not the leader of this country and he has every right like any other citizen to be mad at Mnangagwa who sees it fit to fly for inauguration of the Namibian leader.You cannot blame the MDC for lack of service delivery when it is an open secret that most of the good work that is initiated by MDC councilors is always sabotaged by the zanu pf leaders who fear that the MDC will get more popular with the people and zanu pf will end up without supporters.The zanu pf govt has always fired MDC Mayors and Councilors willy nilly.Can you imagine a full minister telling the entire world that the Coronavirus is punishment by God to the Western countries for the sanctions that they imposed on Zimbawe? And some zanu pf idiot doesnt see anything wrong with that?In the failure by all cities and towns to provide services to the citizens,the buck stops with the govt in power.If they have what it takes to improve service delivery,they cannot wait for a party that is not in power to help its citizens even when they see it is failing.Blame game is Zanu pf’s anthem and the stupid zanu pf supporters are experts in bootlicking and defending mediocrity.


    Makombe waakurwara! MDC treats water with what when RBZ is not releasing critical forex to import water treatment chemicals

  4. This is the right time for everyone to stop finger pointing and put our heads together to save Zimbabwe. Zanu PF or MDC does not matter right now. Blame game for now will waste time.

    …..and we do not have that extra time to waste .

    From the highest to the lowest , let us all unite and see how best we can save our nation.
    From the youngest to the oldest , from the richest to the poorest , this is just the time to unite and fight for the destiny of our nation.

    How best can we save the poor and the rich alike?

    How can we save mai wemusika who cannot afford to lock herself up one day because every day she works , she will be working to find food to feed the family just that one day and the next day she works for food for one day ?

    If there are no beds like you say in hospitals , we have 100 in the whole country , how can we increase them ? Do we have people who can donate ? Carpenters who can unite to make some ?

    Since for now we have a few confirmed cases of patients infected with the virus , what can we do with the limited time we have to prepare more beds ?

    Donation measures need to set up .

    Doctors needs to be trained .
    If there are no ventilators at Wilkins , who can donate ?
    If there are no sockets, can our electricians go there asap and erect some : for the fiture of those who we will be able to save .

    Companies need to start training and equipping their workers to work from home , schools preparing to teach online for those who can afford wifi.For those who cannot , a way needs to be mapped .

    It is my humble opinion that every cent in the country right now must save a life .

    Zimbabwe unite to save Zimbabwe lest there remain no Zimbabwe to talk about MDC OR ZANU PF alike. This is not about parties but about Zimbabwe .

  5. Chamisa should be busy with his councils and not being the government supervisor . He goes around asking for money for campaign . He should now go and ask for money for the people that he portrays to love . WE are now aware all he knows is to oppose .

  6. Councils are under local Government minister July Moyo . council acts and are under this minister. Whatever money is used it has to came through local Government minister. So the buck is from Government not opposition they are not in power. If you know Kunzvi Dam was supposed to constructed in 1986 at cost of 26 million zw dollar.Zanu pf is still in power why did they not build it. Why asking from MDC.

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