BCC water-rationing continues despite COVID-19

Bulawayo City Council (BCC)


BULAWAYO City Council has said it will continue with its tough water-rationing programme because its supply dams are still below half of its handling capacity.

However, the local authority encouraged residents to practise good hygiene all times despite the water shortages.

Addressing a Press conference on Friday, council acting health services director Charles Malaba said it was not possible for them to stop water-rationing as the dams did not receive significant inflows during the rainy season.

“It is unfortunate that the city finds itself in a position where we have to shed water. I believe it is something that is known to everyone. The water situation is in a precarious position and as we speak, the water we have is only around 34% for the city,” he said.

“We cannot say we will stop the water-shedding, so it’s not possible to have water for 24\7. When we open water you can store your water in containers. You can actually do your hand-washing or put small tapes on the containers so that you can wash your hands without wasting water.

“We are already towards end of March and that is when our rainy season comes to an end, but whenever we do water-shedding there are public announcements that are made. So we have to preserve the little water that we have,” Malaba said.

Council spokesperson Nesisa Mpofu, said residents could still practise good hygiene despite the ongoing water-rationing.

“People are asking why we are shedding water, but the assumption is that when we open water for the residents they put water in their containers so that they can be able to practise good hygiene,” Mpofu said.

She said the residents should store water which is enough to sustain them throughout the lean period, while maintaining good hygiene.