AMHVoices: Zacc letting down the masses


ZIMBABWEANS were made to believe that the scourge of sanctions imposed on the country by Western countries more than a decade ago are behind the demise of our economy, yet corruption is silently abetting them.

By Innocent Mbadzi, Our Reader

Corruption, which was hitherto not talked about with only bigwigs in government fingering sanctions as fuelling our economic problems, has now manifested itself as the main monster in the demise of our beloved country. Talking about sanctions as fuelling the economic demise of our country is no longer admissible to the public, but corruption is now on everyone’s lips.

Now, it should be the prerogative of every Zimbabwean to take a position against corruption so that the country is rid of the vice.

The majority should not suffer because some bigwigs in the public service are untouchables.

Those people have been fleecing the economy, hiding behind the sanctions veil and now that sanctions have been overtaken by corruption in causing the economic hardships, there is need for government to deal decisively with those economic saboteurs.

Now, it is incumbent upon the government to institute laws which empower every citizen to police each other on issues to deal with corruption as a necessary measure to rid the country of it.

Many times, politically-connected goons have been seen on the wrong side of the law trying to illegally enrich themselves through corrupt means, but no arrests have been made.

For that reason, the government should descend heavily on those found to be corrupt so that the country is corruption-free.

Now that the government, through the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission led by Loice Matanda-Moyo, has set the ball rolling by investigating corrupt activities, people are eagerly waiting to see where the operation will end.

It would not be proper for the operation to end without any major shake-ups or arrests in those targeted sectors as a lot that has been happening is in the public domain.

People are aware of some bigwigs, who within months in government, have turned into millionaires at a time the economy is not performing well.

So the government should be serious on that front so that Zimbabwe becomes corruption-free like other countries.