AMHVoices: Stay-aways now a waste of precious time


I AM currently wondering about the personal benefit of staying away when one is self-employed like the majority of us.

By Fan Sambi, Our Reader

If I stay home no cash comes my way as is the case with proponents of such stay-aways that are full-time employees whose salaries are paid into their bank accounts at the end of the month. I also have a family to fend for like any other citizen.

So do I really match this requirement to be persuaded to stay at home when I watch my family’s fortunes going up in smoke? I do not know how to extricate myself out of this public folly making people go crazy over nothing.

I have, therefore, resolved to go about my usual routines to fend for my family. I do not side with those who do not have a plan for my family’s well-being.

I have six children who need to eat and go to school like everyone else of their age. I get an average of $50 to $150 on good days. If I abscond from my job for the next two days, I lose an average of $100 to $300 in family revenue. I have no means, whatsoever, that I can use to recover that money. Unless if someone is willing to toss cash at me in exchange for staying at home. If no one is willing to do that, then I have to work much harder for my cash.

I believe teamwork only works wonders if we operate at the same intellectual wavelength. Not all people are equal!

Therefore, if we are not equal we cannot work in an equal manner of subscribing to principles in which others have bigger interests than others.


  1. If Stayaways are now a waste of time,then tell us what people whose sweat is benefitting a few individuals in govt should do because no matter how hard they work,only the filthy rich fat cats in zanu pf govt are benefitting.The poor people have nothing to loose in stayaways because they have always been loosing to the greed govt.Thats the last resort because people have tried everything to make their voices heard bu to no avail.They have been denied the leaders that they choose by the regime,they have tried protest which is their right as enshrined in the Zimbabwean constitution but they have been met with brutal force and death from the state apparatus.Tell us which next course of action they should take.

  2. What is a stay away?who defines a stay away,using whose yardsticks?Stayaways are not limited, they vary depending on what you want to stay away from.If you feel like stayways do not apply to you then stay away from stay away.

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