AMHVoices: Let’s vote out old guard legislators

A man takes a look at the presidential run off election results posted on a tent in Harare's suburb of Mbare on Saturday 28 June.Zanu PF leader Robert Mugabe leads ahead of the opposition MDC leader who pulled out of the race.EPA/STR

I WAS very much surprised to hear Members of Parliament, particularly one legislator from Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe (UMP), suggesting that journalists should not contest for MP positions.

By Manito Joe, Our Reader

l am a resident of Uzumba by birth. Let me tell the nation how one of our legislators has destroyed our area.

i) That person has been an MP for more than three terms, yet our district remains one of the poorest in the country, only best known for voting Zanu PF into power.

ii) He has never brought any meaningful development to our district, but has destroyed our area through his granite stone company.

iii) People no longer want him, but he intimidates them and buys votes during primary elections.

iv) There is nothing new by having journalists from the national broadcaster contesting for MP positions. The old horses know their sins and are feeling the heat of being dropped. They should leave journalists to contest in all areas they want because they, too, are Zimbabweans by right and they have a right to represent people if the electorate feels so.

v) There is a ward in UMP which one of our legislators no longer recognises simply because his close friend lost the councillor’s position and he openly declared that he would never support that ward.

vi) The worst roads are in UMP, where granite rock is mined and haulage trucks are damaging our roads, yet it’s only one particular person, an MP from the area, who is benefiting from this rape of our natural resources.

Why do these legislators fear contest if they know that they are fulfilling their promises to the people? Wake up UMP, drop these old horses and inject new blood in our area.

We are tired of voting for people who never bring change to our constituencies. Let’s protect our legacy, but not with these old and selfish legislators.