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We want to bring back sanity in music: Mafriq



AFRO-FUSION music band Mafriq, who rose to fame during the urban grooves era in the new millennium, have restructured their group eight years after they disbanded to launch their solo careers.

The band made up of Pauline Gundidza, Tungamirai Tunga Tavi and Lovedale “Discord” Makalanga was disbanded in 2010 after Tunga left the group to pursue a solo career in designing and gospel music.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, the band’s spokesperson Discord said their decision to restart the band was meant to bring back sanity in Zimbabwean music which has become vulgar.

“We have decided to come back together because when we listen to the music on radio, it has lost its culture, it’s becoming vulgar and it’s not something that you can play for the family. Our music that we did as Mafriq covered both old and young people, so we believe we are the defenders and we had to come together and start doing real music like we used to,” he said.

Discord said they would be releasing singles before launching an album by year end.

“By the end of the year if we collect all the singles that we are doing this year we are going to be able to come up with an album, but for now we are releasing singles only and wait to see the reaction of our fans,” he said.

“Although we are not finding enough time to be in the studio, we are expecting to work with different popular producers like Tamuka and Oskid to bring a different sound to our music. We are also hoping to find good management and sponsorship from corporate organisations which can help us grow our music, as lack of it led to our separation in the past.”

He said they were hoping to find a good manager who could help them in decision-making and finance management.

“Sponsorship is also a major problem for us because we recently got back together and we don’t have any corporate sponsors, so we are trying to fund our project which is a bit difficult. So we are hoping to get help from sponsors,” he said.

Discord said besides using their own studio, Mafriq Music Factory, the group was also working with House of Grooves Studio and their long-serving producer, Take 5.

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