WCOZ demonstrates against GBV



While the rest of the country and the world were commemorating Valentine’s Day, some Chinhoyi residents, mostly women, took to the streets demanding an end to gender-based violence (GBV) on Friday last week.

The women marched through the central business district protesting the murder of rape victim Priscilla Kakondo, which coincided with the week of love.

Kakondo was raped several times before being killed by her former boyfriend.

Women Coalition of Zimbabwe march organiser Ethel Mawakise said they thought it wise to protest as a way of reminding men to love their partners and reduce GBV cases in the province.

“We are demonstrating against gender-based violence in the province because of the high number of reported cases,” she said.

“Men, love your wives as you did in the beginning. If you happen to have problems, please solve them amicably.”

A Chinhoyi woman, who took part in the march, said as much as they love men, they did not want murderers in their homes.

“We love our men, not murderers,” Charity Motsi said.

WCOZ said the march was also meant to raise awareness, urge women to speak out and plead with the Judiciary to impose stiffer sentences on GBV perpetrators.