The Stephen Margolis Resort…The bride and the Cooperate



Stephen Margolis Resort is known for its uniqueness in weddings where couples wed on water. Their clients have come from far and beyond to experience taking their vows in our dam waters. Their wedding packages include Jasmine, Blue Violet and Tulip named after beautiful flowers as a wedding is as beautiful as a flower.



This package is for venue only, float, if one would like to make use of the dam, tables and chairs. In this package there is no decoration and catering provided.

Blue Violet

This package includes venue, decorations, food preparation only and clients supply their own ingredients. The package also includes a float on their dam waters.


In this package they offer the bride a free ride in their Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz, whichever is preferred and a float for those who would like to say their vows on our dam waters.The package is all inclusive of catering services,decorations, venue and bedrooms for their honey moon night and bridal team change rooms as well as two free bedrooms.


At Stephen Margolis Resort, the choice where you have a conference is simply yours, from their conference centre to their thatched gazebos and the different spots under trees, in the open sun in winter or lawn. There are certainly a wide range of options to choose from.

Their conferences can be ideally combined with team building were instead of staying indoors all day, the partakers of the conference can choose to split their time between conferencing and carrying out their unique team building activities which are mainly outdoor with a mixture of brainstorming and physical exercises including their famous assault courses and zipline across the Nyarongo River.