Socialite Ginimbi arrested again

The moment Genius Kadungure (second from right) was picked by the police at Harare Magistrates’ Court

Socialite and businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure was yesterday arrested for undervaluing his Rolls-Royce vehicle, just two days after the High Court granted him $10 000 bail on a similar charge.


Kadungure, who is represented by Jonathan Samukange, was released on $5 000 bail by regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya, who remanded him to March 19 pending trial.

The complainant in this matter is the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) represented by Simon Chigwada.

In October 2017, Kadungure went to Daytona (Pvt) Limited, Johannesburg South Africa and bought a Rolls-Royce Ghost vehicle at a cost of R5 million.

It is alleged in a bid to deceive Zimra, Kadungure allegedly concocted invoices to purport that he bought the vehicle for R3 million.

The State alleges that he then went on to manufacture a fake South African bill of entry to make it appear as if the vehicle had been cleared by South Africa Revenue Services (SARS).

The State alleges on July 27, 2018, Kadungure imported the vehicle through Beitbridge border post and tendered the fake documents to Zimra officials for duty payment.

It is alleged Zimra acted upon such a misrepresentation and charged duty totalling to US$118 170 instead of US$228 430,59.

Zimra is said to have made its own investigations and found out that Daytona had sold the vehicle for R5 million, and not for R3 million.

SARS also allegedly distanced itself from the bill of entry, indicating that the said document had been used to clear a different vehicle.

Zimra was allegedly prejudiced of US$90 260 in unpaid duty.


  1. Using the law and soldiers to settle family issues is a no no! Zim has deteriorated into a pfee/ roaf pet project! An axis of evil. The Junta- Pfee axis of evil must Stop personalizing the country and its laws!

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