Petros ready for Premiership



PREMIER Soccer League (PSL) returnees Whawha gaffer Luke Petros says his club will not be involved in the transfer market as they are satisfied with the squad that helped them return to the topflight.

While the bulk of the PSL teams have been on a shopping spree, the Gweru-based side is concentrating on perfecting what they already have.

The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS)-run club has been doing its business quietly and has not made any signing this far, with Petros affirming that his squad is good enough to last the distance in the topflight, despite being under-resourced compared to the other clubs that are sponsored by corporates.

Last time out, Chekera Pasi, as Whawha are fondly known, were relegated under the tutelage of Lloyd Mutasa, but Petros, who has worked with the squad for five years, is raring to make history with the club, now that he is exempted from the Caf A certificate coaching requirement.

“We have been quiet for a reason, much of the work is done away from the spotlight. For many reasons, we are sticking to the squad that won the championship in Division One,” the former Warriors striker said.

“We are not looking for much and maybe by the time we begin the season, we shall add five or so players but the core of our team remains. As the coach, I am happy because the team plays as a unit and we are focused on doing better than our previous appearance in the topflight.”

Petros said his side had enough experience in the ranks, underlined by former Caps United defender Blessing Zabula.

It, however, remains to be seen how the prison wardens will manage to go through the season at a time when ZPCS, Whawha’s sole benefactor, is overwhelmed by financing their mandatory operations.