Model unveils new clothing brand


RISING male model and Mr Zimbabwe finalist Calvin Nare (Jnr) has branched into fashion designing with the launch of his new clothing line, Culture Vain, set for next month.


The 21-year-old telecommunications engineering student told NewsDay Life & Style the idea to launch the clothing label was inspired by his desire to promote African beauty and culture.

“What motivated us to go for culture, leaving other fashion categories is because we wanted to bring back our culture to the people as we are proudly African. We have noticed that people are into modern fashion, so for a change we want to take African wear and make it modern so that when people wear Culture Vain brand they should feel more African than Western,” he said.

“Vain is someone who is very proud of their good looks and abilities. We are now living in the modern world where our culture has been laid in obscurity. Before going out, we spend 95% of our time on the mirror trying to fit in the modern world fashion. Culture Vain brings you a combination of modern and African culture wear, reason being to always remind us Africans where we came from.”

The brand’s co-founder Blessing Munjeri said she was working hand-in-glove with the model to uphold Zimbabwean culture and launch branches across the country.

“The way we copied the Western fashion must be the same way they must copy our own African fashion. Fashion designers and models are working hard to uplift history and Zimbabwean tradition through fashion and art. The modelling industry is also making the Zimbabwean culture come to light through pageants where models go for cultural wear,” she said.

Nare, who is also a poet, designer, artiste and dancer, said the move was part of his 2020 resolutions to venture into new business lines.