Macheso’s new album ‘work in progress’

Alick Macheso

SUNGURA maestro Alick Macheso has been teasing his fans during live shows and on his social media pages with songs from his forthcoming album set for release later this year.


Tracks that have been sampled so far include clips of Zuro Ndizuro and the teasers that have been uploaded online have gained significant traction with adoring fans giving Macheso the thumbs up for a job well done.

Macheso’s manager Tich Makahamadze told NewsDay Life & Style that the album was still “work in progress” and they were yet to decide the launch date.

“The album is still work in progress, we have no actual date for the launch yet but it is definitely this year,” he said.

Macheso’s last album, Dzinosvitsa Kure, was released in 2018.

The musician has dominated the local music scene, particularly sungura, for nearly two decades and has become a torch bearer who has attracted many copycats.

The Madawu hitmaker emerged on the music scene in 1998 with the debut album, Magariro after parting ways with Nicholas Zakaria.

This was quickly followed by Vakiridzo in 1999 which attracted a lukewarm reception.

It was his third effort, Simbaradzo, however, which transformed him into a household name with tracks such as Mundikumbuke and Amai VaRubhi that changed the trajectory of his music career and set him on the path to phenomenal success.

He is highly-rated as a skilled artiste given his proficiency in dancing, singing and playing the guitar. In 2011, he initiated the popular Zora Butter dance which has come to be known as Macheso’s initiative.