Know about why is investing in Bitcoin so important


The Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the most popular and most appreciated but those who approach to investing in Bitcoin for the first time have so many doubts.  We assume that Bitcoin is important because it is decentralized. This means that two people, knowing the relative “codes” (i.e. the addresses of the respective Bitcoin wallets), can send this currency with an almost negligible expense and without going through intermediaries.
In this way it is impossible that the state or a bank can change the value of the currency itself. Bitcoin are a virtual currency, this means that they cannot be seen or touched, but they exist. They exist in a database shared by all users who use Bitcoin. You can search more information about Bitcoin at

 Advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies

Investing in cryptocurrencies is always beneficial for everyone. Here is a list of advantages

  1. Money transfers: If you are in Italy or any other country and want to send money to your friend abroad with the cryptocurrency you can do it without problems. In fact, since it is a type of currency that exists digitally, it is possible to send and receive money anywhere in the world. You don’t even have to worry about limitations for money transfers like borders or holidays. Since digital currencies are not controlled by a central authority, you always have full control of your money during transfers.
  2. Transparency of information: Whenever it comes to transferring money, transparency of information is always a priority. With blockchain technology, in fact, all final transactions become available to the public only after being approved by the network. However, if all transactions are available to everyone, your personal information is hidden. This means that even if your portfolio address is visible, your data is not. This makes it impossible for cryptocurrency to be manipulated in any way by any person, organization or government.
  3. Control and security: Control and security of your money should always be a priority when it comes to managing any type of finances. The great thing about all cryptocurrencies is that they allow users to have full control of their transactions, while remaining safe and hidden in their digital wallet. In fact, personal information is not required when it comes to transactions.
  4. Less risk for sellers: With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, merchants also have less risk because transactions cannot be cancelled; they do not carry personal information and are secure. The vendors may be more protected from losses that could arise from fraud by allowing sellers to do business in dangerous places where crime rates and rates of fraud are high.
  5. Low commissions: Another advantage of digital money is the low commissions on various transactions. There may however be commissions to ensure a priority to the transaction, but these are certainly not the norm. Let’s also analyze some of the disadvantages, when even when it comes to cryptocurrency all that glitters is not gold. So you must always carefully evaluate the pros and cons before making any investment decision.
  6. Bitcoin supply is limited: prices rise only on demand if all the billionaires around the world wanted Bitcoin that would be impossible! In total, only 21 million Bitcoin are available, with 17.6 million bits already extracted. New research also shows that up to 4 million Bitcoin may have already been lost, and that supplies are already declining. Similar to gold. Gold must be extracted from the ground, and Bitcoin must be extracted using a complex algorithm. Demand will increase over the next few years, and also by its value.
  7. Market flexibility: You can invest and trade Bitcoin at any time. It provides the flexibility to work with your investment. Unlike stocks, you don’t have to wait for a market to open to process a trade or investment. This gives investors and traders more freedom with their money. Flexibility is highly valued, and merchants do not want to know when they can and cannot trade with their own capital. This is therefore a plus, as the flexibility is attractive to traders, driving up prices.
  8. Own Money-Decentralization: Start owning your money! Bitcoin is decentralized. That is, own the currency and the transaction. No banks or other third parties are involved and can make and receive deposits and withdrawals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bitcoin can be withdrawn at any time, regardless of government situation. We are rising in price as people are increasingly concerned about their money and decentralized payments are increasingly desired.