Gospel musician drops fourth album

Mary Mhiribidi Zinyimo


GETTING airplay on local radio stations motivated Botswana-based gospel Zimbabwean musician Mary “Mai Zee” Zinyimo to work on her fourth album, a seven-track effort that was released recently.

The album — Ndoshandira Mweya Wangu — comes two years after the launch of Zinyimo’s music career.

Zinyimo told NewsDay Life & Style that getting airplay also fulfilled her mission to preach through music.

“Being played on radio gave me strength to work on more projects and it instilled much confidence in me. Just recently, I released my fourth album. The music started playing on Hevoi FM and YA FM in 2018, then Radio Zimbabwe and Classic 263 in 2019 — a year after commencing my career. It pleases me to know that my preaching through music now reaches to a lot of people,” she said.

“However, here in Botswana I am still to take the music to the radio, but I am registered with the Copyright Society of Botswana (Cosbots). Language was a barrier. Since I fused some tracks with Tswana I hope they will attract me a following this side and I am also looking forward to working with Batswana.”

The recently released album has title track Ndoshandira Mweya Wangu, Kwevamwe, Munoshamisa, Zvido Zvenyu Kunyanya, Ngazvindipfuure, Ngoni Hadzipere, Hakuna Ofunga Mumwe and Botswana VOT artistes Collabo.

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