LATEST: Mnangagwa won’t fly out as he goes on annual leave


President Emmerson Mnangagwa has finally taken his annual three-week vacation, promising not to leave the country during the sojourn.

In a statement by Acting Chief Secretary in the President’s Office George Charamba, Mnangagwa will leave Vice President Constantino Chiwenga in charge before Vice President Kembo Mohadi takes over.

Chiwenga, who has now assumed Acting presidency, is reportedly in China for a ‘medical check up’ and there has been no word about his return.

For two years since taking over as president, Mnangagwa has made headlines for spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars globetrotting on chartered flights.


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  1. zanupf you are no longer in the bush the hatred and war mentality must stop the poor thinking that whoever does not agree with you must be killed must stop you are no longer in the bush mnangagwa rehailitate yoou bush mentality heartless comrades who are mentally sick they cant lead a country the president of zim idofo a guerrilla a bandit who cannot lead

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