Wenyika unveils e-commerce website


SONGBIRD Plaxedes Wenyika (pictured) has unveiled an e-commerce website through which she would now sell her music, NewsDay Life & Style has learnt.

The Wadarirei hitmaker yesterday said the website was meant to increase accessibility of her music to her fans who could not afford to purchase the music on most digital platforms.

“Most musicians sell their music on Spotify, on iTunes, which is meant for people with iPhones and this, however, limits other people who would want to get my music,” she said.

“The United States dollar is no longer accessible to everyone and we are back to the Zimbabwe dollar and my website allows Zimbabweans to buy my music with the Zimdollar via EcoCash, which most online platforms have not adopted for the benefit of Zimbabweans and are selling music for over US$6.”

Wenyika said she has made her music cheaper at $15 per single track and $60 for the whole album to allow as many fans as possible to afford it.

The songbird said the venture would also help her to get her commissions directly which would help in generating income from her music.

Wenyika — who recently released a single titled Zvekare, whose visuals sparked debate on social media — said her music website was received well by fans and was already generating money.

The musician made her entry into the mainstream music industry in 2002 with the release of her debut album titled Tisaparadzane on the back of the 75% local content policy prescribed by the then Information minister Jonathan Moyo.

She became a household name on the local music scene, churning out hit after hit, with most of her projects themed on love.

Tisaparadzane went on to top local charts for a long time.

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