Wasu releases fourth DVD


DANCER and musician Precious “Wasu Dacoda” Makwame is tonight set to release her fourth album, Kumazivandadzoka — which will be on DVD — at Club Manucho in Waterfalls, Harare.

The five-track album carries the songs Rudo, Pembererai (featuring Tatenda Pinjisi), Kumazivandadzoka, Kudisa Mari and Zvinondikunda.

The Syndicate Dance Group leader once contemplated quitting music after poor remuneration for her sweat, but she has finally decided to soldier on and has since brought a new dance which she has christened Changu Chabata.

“It took me long to launch this album because I was contemplating quitting due to poor remuneration in the industry, but I have since thought of my fans who always push me on stage and have since spiced the album with a new dance titled Changu Chabata,” Wasu said.

Several artistes have confirmed that they would grace the launch and these include Mark Ngwazi, Pinjisi, Madzibaba Nicholas Zacharia, Romeo Gasa, Simon Mutambi, Lady Storm and raunchy dancer Tandi. Wasu formed the Syndicate Dance Group in 2015 after leaving Mambokadzi.

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