The Bliss Knot: An insight into marriage

BETWEEN THE LINES:Phillip Chidavaenzi

MUCH of the church today is notorious for its failure to document information, and this accounts for the significant loss of information over time.

It is against this backdrop that an emerging author, Naomi Tsanga, must be acknowledged for her decision to publish her debut Christian book on marriage titled The Bliss Knot (More than Just a Bride).

Though generally designed to help people navigate their way through marriage, the book is specifically targeted at women — who are the brides — so that they can be empowered with knowledge on courtship and marriage.

To her credit, Tsanga has been working with hundreds of women through her platforms, Royal Singles Fellowship and Mwenga Brides, teaching women about marriage and how to make a success of it.

Her experiences, through this ministry, enabled her to accumulate a wealth of information, which has now been packaged into this timely handbook that will definitely be a trustworthy guide for women aspiring for marriage and those already in marriage.

The book, which was officially launched a few weeks ago after it was published by Royalty Books, is broken down into 15 chapters dealing with a number of issues that are linked to marriage.

These include the sacred nature of marriage, its significance, love within the union, soul ties, challenges associated with a marital union and some of the golden rules to keep in sight if one’s marriage is to remain intact.

The very thought of walking down the aisle comes with a raft of questions for many a young woman.

These questions include: Why am I not married yet? How do I find a good husband? How do I enjoy marriage?

This book is a bold attempt to answer these vexing questions.

Tsanga must be commended for rising to the call presenting herself to respond to the questions. She, however, does not purport to have encyclopaedic knowledge on the subject, but extensively relies on the Bible to provide answers to the questions.

The underlying message in the book is that if marriage is conceived in the mind of God, then he is best placed to provide the answers and all the details pertaining to the subject.
Tsanga contends that only the man and woman who know and understand what is required of them in marriage and consistently work together to achieve it will enjoy a successful marriage.

The book can be easily classified as a treasure trove of information on marriage.

If one of the reasons why we have so many divorces nowadays is that young people are plunging headlong into marriage without information and knowledge, then this book is designed to fill in the gaps and at least help some of them understand.

Empowered with such information, one is better prepared to deal with some of the life shocks that marriage naturally brings along.

The coming together of two people from sometimes diametrically different backgrounds and cultures is naturally a recipe for conflict, and Tsanga did not lose sight of this.

The book includes details on how such people can come together to establish a strong unit, despite their conflicting backgrounds.

She also shares details on how men and women have different callings and obligations in the marital union, and how understanding to mesh these together will help establish a successful marriage without fatal conflicts that are likely to lead to divorce.

Although many people marry for the wrong reasons — especially the misguided notion that now they would be legally having sex every night — Tsanga shares key reasons why people should marry.

Understanding these reasons will help the couple understand how to navigate their way through the marriage.

A major reason why a lot of people end up with shipwrecked marriages is that they never carried out a due diligence before settling for that

Many were attracted by outward appearance and other flimsy and vexatious reasons.

If marriage is primarily a spiritual construction, then it follows that it can also have spiritual stalkers who launch attacks at it from beyond the physical realm.

Tsanga sheds light on this and, at the same time, equips her target audience with the necessary tools to respond accordingly and ensure that the marriage remains unshakable.

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