Harare vehicle fines up 1 000%


The Local Government ministry has approved the more than 1 000% fines increments proposed by the City of Harare’s traffic enforcement.

The new charges, which come into effect tomorrow, will see motorists pay $500 clamping fees for light vehicles, while commuter omnibuses will fork out between $600 and $700.

Lorries will pay between $800 and $900. Identical charges have also been pegged for vehicle towing, except for lorries that will be charged an extra 50% plus storage and value-added tax.

Acting city spokesperson Innocent Ruwende said the penalties only applied for those who flout traffic regulations and had been made punitive to prevent would-be offenders as well as restoring sanity in the central business district.

“We have increased clamping and tow away fees for illegally parked vehicles and those that violate the city’s traffic regulations. The new charges for traffic violations have been made a bit punitive to prevent accidents and restore sanity in the central business district where lawlessness has become the order of the day,” he said.

“In the United Kingdom, it costs 50 to 200 pounds. The fees are punitive enough to make the people adhere to the city’s traffic requirements and also to the by-laws.”

Ruwende said parking fees will remain unchanged.

Meanwhile, Chitungwiza acting town clerk David Duma and director of housing Hazel Sithole, who have pending criminal abuse of office allegations before the Harare Magistrates’ Court, were yesterday suspended from their

A full council meeting endorsed the duo’s suspension after the government had written to the local authority notifying them of the suspension.

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