Gweru council workers declare incapacitation


GWERU City Council workers have notified their employer that starting from December 19 they would only be able to report for duty once a week, citing poor salaries which they said were affecting their ability to fully perform their duties.

“We write to notify your good office about the incapacitation of your employees due to economic hardships, which, if not addressed through salary adjustments, will lead to your employees being unable to fully perform their duties due to hunger and socio-economic challenges,” read the letter dated November 28, signed by Zimbabwe Urban Council Workers Union, Gweru chapter branch secretary, Ambrose Whande.

“This letter serves to notify you of the possibility of your workers working one day instead of the whole week starting December 19, 2019 unless measures are taken immediately to redress the situation.”

The workers added: “As it stands those doing manual work now fail to fully carry out their duties due to the aforementioned challenges of hunger and walking long distances due to inadequate transport money.”

Last week, the workers stormed acting town clerk Vakai Chikwekwe’s office, demanding a cost of living adjustment and salary hikes.

Mayor Josiah Makombe, however, said although the workers concerns were genuine, council was facing financial challenges.

He said the local authority was currently seized with addressing water challenges gripping the city.

“The workers concerns are genuine, but there is need to understand the financial position of council vis-a-vis the need to provide service delivery,” he said.

“Right now, we are seized with ensuring we have enough pumps to draw water from Amapongokwe. But as city fathers our doors are always open to engage with our employees on issues of their living conditions.”

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