Strive Masiyiwa unveils $100 million fund to support doctors


Econet Wireless founder, Strive Masiyiwa and his wife Tsitsi, through their Higher Life Foundation, have set up a $100 million fund which will see up to 2 000 junior and senior doctors employed by government getting $5 000 each on top of what they are earning from their employer.

The move comes at a time the public health delivery system in the country has virtually shut down due to a standoff between government and doctors following the firing of more than 435 junior doctors and around 57 senior doctors were set to face disciplinary action.

Masiyiwa also promised to give a smartphone, diagnostic aides and transport to the doctors on top of the ZWL$5000 in the $100 million facility.

“Building on a 23-year commitment to education, Higherlife Foundation (HLF) is pleased to announce the launch of a new training fellowship for Junior and Senior Resident Officers employed at public healthcare institutions in Zimbabwe,” HLF said in a statement.

“…with that in mind, HLF is launching, the medical training completion fellowship with immediate effect for those Junior and Senior Resident Officers who are in full time employment at public teaching hospitals within Zimbabwe. The scholarship covers those who are currently undergoing a Junior or Senior Resident program, with special preference being given to beneficiaries of the Capernaum and Joshua Nkomo scholarships.”

The foundation said the $100 million fellowship comprises a non-negotiable monthly subsistence allowance of $5000 per doctor for a maximum of 2000 doctors and was subject to unilateral review by HLF.

“The monthly subsistence will be disbursed to qualifying junior and senior resident officers on proof of being on duty at the specified institution for the duration of the month,” said the charity group.

The foundation said the facility was not from Econet Wireless Zimbabwe or Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe but Higher Life Foundation, an initiative from the Masiyiwa Foundation with the support from its donor partners.

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  1. it is a good move , but the question is, is it sustainable, it is helping the public because doctors will go back to work, but is it not the responsibility of the government to make sure that doctors and all other civil servants are well remunerated, while we appreciate the support by Masiwa, the government continues to steal the money and misuse funds that are supposed to pay civil servants, who will support teachers, nurses ad all other civil servants. The zANU PF engorgement must take responsibility and do their work . Please Mr Masiyiwa do not at any cost give that money to the government of zi,babwe because it will not see light of the day, rather have an HR consultant company that will oversee thse payments, this government is full of thieves

  2. Many thanx to Masiiwa family. Vatoona kuti nyika yatoparara takatarisa. This is what happens when you have a leadership yakadhakwa

  3. What a poor governance. Thanks mr Masiiwa. Indeed we are in a new deception era

  4. This is a good initiative from HLF and the founders. This addresses one pillar of the medical provision structure which include the facilities, equipment, consumables, medication and nursing care. The Doctors have been asking for all these to be addressed and not just their salaries. My concern and anger is directed to the government and it uses the media to misinform people and highlight the salaries plight rather than the global healthcare system. Doctors have left the country because they couldnt cope with the pain and emotional stress of watching a patient die because there were not post operation concumables. Parirenyatwa had no panadoles a month back for a close relative who is a patient with renal failure and was admitted in the D ward. The rest of the wards were closed. We thank HLF for the initiative and government should be looking at the global issues raised and stop demonising the doctors. They have genuine concerns. They see the dying patients and live with the trauma forever knowing that patient didnt have to die. They watch the faces of those who have lost a loved one daily.

  5. May God bless you richly Mr. Masiyiwa for saving people’s lives directly, hope the doctors will welcome the offer….we need their valuable service. We love you Docs….

  6. That is fine but the issue is more than the wages. It is also about no supplies, no medicine and poor functioning equipment (if they do work). The staff go back on duty but can not work with what? They still are in dire straights with no medicines, no bandages, no gloves, no needles – the list goes on…. Then what about water and electricity? Odds are they are in short supply as well. I wonder how they clean the operating rooms for instance with what supplies. Are there cleaning staff still working?

  7. Thats an excellent move Mr Masiiwa. We really appreciate that

  8. What then after 2 months when that 5000 has depreciated or after 6 when the program ends, the government must find a real solution . thanx to Masiiwa tho

  9. gud move ko isu mateacher musatikangwanewo

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