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Mzoe7 reaches out to children



BULAWAYO’s celebrated Afro-pop singer and dancer Mzobanzi “Mzoe7” Mlauzi recently launched a social responsibility programme through which he imparts life skills to children in Bulawayo’s Entumbane suburb where he grew up.

The musician, who was raised by a single mother, said meeting with children in the neighbourhood every Saturday morning for life skills and games was now part of his routine.

“I am not a father yet, but I am an uncle to these young guys. Children are closest to my heart. Maybe it’s because I was raised by a single mother and I understand what it’s like not to have inspiration and guidance from a male figure,” he said.

The last child in a family of seven, Mzoe 7 said he had always loved children and enjoyed interacting with them to understand their backgrounds.

“I have always loved kids from way back and I started the Play Pool Drugs Kill initiative where most artistes did a great job by interacting with youths and educating them. These included the dangers of drug abuse and we encourage them to be involved in games like pool for activities and fun,” he said.

He said during such meetings, they engage in activities including drawing, playing soccer, indoor games, gardening and cleaning to instil values of responsibility.

“Entumbane doesn’t have a youth centre and that’s the other thing that inspired me to be their youth centre. I am working on engaging the council to see if a place for such an establishment can be available, where we can groom our youths to be better people and let them be inspired by positive things,” he said.

He said most of the children called him Malume (uncle) and he loved it, adding that it was rare for him to do a music video that did not feature children.

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