MDC MPs join the gravy train

MDC Alliance MPs who went to Parliament on a pro-poor campaign ticket were this week part of hundreds of parliamentarians who blew $5 million at the resort town of Victoria Falls in the name of pre-budget conferencing.

By Sibanengi Dube, Our Reader

Air tickets, five-star hotel rooms, three course meals, allowances and single malt whiskies seem to have taken precedence on the legislators’ list of priorities.

As to why other affordable venues were discarded in favour of Victoria Falls, one of the world’s most expensive venues, is difficult to imagine. Maddening poverty currently gripping Zimbabwe should have been used by the MDC to morally justify a boycott of the conference, while demanding a cheaper venue for the event.

Such superfluous expenditure came at a time State hospitals are operating with neither doctors nor painkillers. Medical doctors are pleading poverty to the extent of failing to raise busfares to go to work, while the government can’t afford to import even painkillers because of “sanctions”. The same government without money for painkillers then ropes in the MDC to join a week-long spending spree in Victoria Falls. If this is not madness, then one should assist me to find an appropriate term for it.

Zanu PF is being consistent here. It has nothing to lose by displaying a DNA which it has always exhibited since 1980. MDC Alliance parliamentary chief whip, Prosper Mutseyami, missed a political penalty shoot-out here.

Mutseyami should have declined to lead his colleagues to an opulent feeding trough, sponsored by starving and bare-footed taxpayers, who can’t even afford a satchet of coarse salt.

A three-star hotel or B&B only facility on the outskirts of Harare would have done the trick, than splashing taxpayers’ cash on parties, air tickets, cruises and crossborder shopping escapades.

Do these charlatans expect citizens to believe that only Victoria Falls is good enough to accommodate them as they carry out their parliamentary responsibilities? Only a fool would commit such resources to extravagance before even fulfilling a single essential on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model.

The MDC is now skating on thin high moral ground for accepting an invitation to dip their fingers in the cookie jar in the name of attending parliamentary duties. These chaps are constantly testing the patience of the poor people. The late Morgan Tsvangirai’s parliamentary red brigade are short-minded and appear to have conveniently thrown away their scripts to make ends meet.

MDC MPs should by now have raised their profiles beyond the seduction of mammon, stipends or allowances. A $3 200 attendance fee, fuel coupons and air tickets were enough for MDC MPs to throw away their hymn books and start singing Zanu PF tunes.

What about all the election rhetoric of being pro-poor and keeping the Zanu PF government under check? This was a missed opportunity to show solidarity with the suffering population. They instead chose to enjoy the trappings of power.

Shockingly, one senior MDC chap I spoke to seemed convinced that the fruitless expenditure incurred was consistent with their “strategic” contributions at the conference. He believes that their contributions helped to put the interests of the poor in Finance minister Mthuli Ncube’s upcoming budget. Since when has Zanu PF started factoring in MDC contributions to the national agenda? Did the MDC MPs’ presence in Victoria Falls change anything?

One would have anticipated the MDC to push for a pre-budget consultative meeting around the country in the run-up to the budget presentation so as to get public input, instead of jumping at the slightest opportunity to nibble marinated fillet and sip cold beers and fresh drinks in a bushy resort as the poor famish.

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  1. No African leader is different from another once elected into power he or she will never go back to those who elected them for any advice ,they think they know better than the electorate.This is why they chose to go Victoria Falls maybe for the first time and enjoy them selves.Eye opener ko kuzoti


  2. Your comment is so mixed up that al it shows is your ignorance of the issue you are dealing with . Holding the conference at a cheaper place will not buy food for the poor . You think that MPs contribute on party lines , no . Mps contribute to build on a case and not on party lines . The minister’s budget coming in a few days to come has inputs from parliament . It is not the minister’s personal ideas . Stop displaying your ignorance . You need to consult on issues that you do not understand . As newsday you are supposed to look for news and not make yourselves the source of the news .You give the readers a headline in bold . MDC MPs join the gravy train .and then write the source in small letters By newsday . We want news and not your views . Look at how many articles you write as per your view . GO OUT THERE AND GET US NEWS .
    – November 7, 2019


  3. This conference has been an eye opener and a blessing to some who had never boarded a plane.With the hefty allowances given to them and the leisure of being in the cruise surely some thought otherwise.Can those that have talking evil say bufu now that they have been accommodated in sfty hotels.Gore rinopera usati wambodya uchida kuita arguement isingashandi.Makadyiwa zvakapera but now that urimuparliament chidodya may be ndikokupedzisira kkkkk.

  4. MDC people will still find ways to defend their MPs actions. They don’t know that its possible to say both MDC and Zanu are sh!t

  5. Surely the author must have realised that it would only be a matter of time before the opposition MP’s edged their noses into the trough.
    The vast majority pf MP’s from both sides of the house are only there for self benification and have no interest at for those who voted them in to Parliament.

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