Harare suspends traffic cops over graft


Harare City Council (HCC) is investigating reports that some of its workers are abusing its rented properties, while several of its traffic officers implicated in corruption have been suspended.

Mayor Herbert Gomba said a detailed report on the investigations into allegations of fraud and corruption in the city will soon be availed to the public.

He confirmed the suspension of several officials in the traffic division implicated in corrupt deals.

“We are also probing several cases of abuse of leases on rented accommodation and commercial properties. Some properties were taken by council workers. We want to know who is leasing what and not paying. If the people involved are council employees, we will take disciplinary measures,” Gomba said. The council is also investigating fraudulent payments in the finance department and urged all departments to co-operate with investigators.

Some of the cases are expected to be forwarded to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

There are also allegations that some of the workers were forging signatures of top officials in the licensing department and allowing shops and beer outlets to operate without meeting requirements.

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It has also emerged that other council officials were approving illegal car sales which are mushrooming all over the city.

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