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Byo supply dams run dry



Bulawayo City supply dams are running dry, and if the rains do not fall in the next few weeks, the water situation in the city will become dire, mayor Solomon Mguni has warned.
Mguni advised residents to use water sparingly.

“Our overall dams’ percentage is now at 37,76% as of Friday November 1, 2019. May I also take this opportunity to remind residents to conserve water. We need to be good stewards of the water in the city as it is a finite resource,” Mguni said at the city’s annual civic service anniversary on Sunday.

“This year, we celebrate our 125th anniversary under the theme Re-imagine Bulawayo, as we are spearheading a Bulawayo with a redefined course and new actions. We are praying for and building a Bulawayo that is focused on being a leading city in local governance.”

Mguni urged residents to clear debts on time.

“Let us pay our bills timeously, protect our environment and infrastructure, put litter in bins, but most importantly be polite, loving residents,” he said.

He said Bulawayo was probably the only city in the country which had a complete tourism package, with its own culture and heritage, eco-tourism and urban tourism sites.

“Bulawayo’s history and its growth into a great industrial centre and one of the country’s main attractions shows the residents’ desire and commitment for ensuring growth and development of the city,” Mguni said.

“The City of Bulawayo is proud to celebrate 76 years as a city and 125 years as a town. The Bulawayo which started as a small pole and mud settlement years ago has grown from these humble beginnings of 1894 to the modern city.”

Bulawayo was declared a city on November 4, 1943 and every year a civic service to commemorate the declaration is held on a Sunday close November 4.

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