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Participate in anti-sanctions campaigns, Auxillia urges women


FIRST Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa yesterday claimed women were the worst affected by Western sanctions and challenged them to participate in the anti-sanctions campaign scheduled for October 25.


Addressing female war veterans in Bulawayo, Auxillia said all women must take part on the anti-sanctions day regardless of their political affiliation.

“It does not matter which church or political party you come from, this is now a national issue.

It is, especially affecting us women and children. On the anti-sanction campaign day, every woman should come out,” she said.

“In every house, if there is a problem, children will come and cry to their mother. So I urge you women to participate on the day in large numbers as it is an issue affecting every woman.”

Sadc countries recently set October 25 as a day of solidarity against sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West.

Auxillia also urged women to participate in self-help projects to improve their lives.

“I know grievances are many as the country is moving forward and some of them can be resolved through projects and life skills,” she said .

“I was thinking of projects or even small groups in which you can be able to make your own products like soaps, detergents and goat-rearing, among other projects, and the Ministry of Women Affairs will help in finding international markets.”

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