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Kwekwe activist launches “beer” talk show



KWEKWE human rights defender, Emmanuel Nkosilathi Moyo, has launched a talk show where participants discuss pertinent developmental and other rights-related issues over a beer.
Moyo said the talk show — dubbed A Beer with Nkosie — was inspired by the need to interrogate issues affecting the country on an informal platform where people are confident to freely air their views.

“The talk show looks at development and livelihood issues affecting people in the Midlands province,” he said.

“A Beer with Nkosie is a talk show of its own kind where people will be discussing developmental issues over bottles of beer and informally deliberating on critical issues. I do not believe in formalities, serious developmental issues in the Midlands will be discussed informally on this show.”

The talk show has proved to be popular especially with imbibers who have since joined the discussion platform to deliberate on political, social and economic issues.

Moyo said the first episode of the show looked at the contentious issue of circumcision where experts were invited to discuss the practice’s benefits, effects, myths and reality.

He said he was driven by passion for creating platforms of community dialogues where people can engage informally over drinks while deliberating on critical issues.

“Views expressed on the show, however, have nothing to do with brewers of Zambezi Lager as I am only a fan of their classic beer that’s why we will be drinking it (Zambezi Lager) at the show,” he said.

“Although politics is the backbone of our living realities, topics to be discussed will focus much on development and sexual reproductive rights.”

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