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The power of souls ties



JONATHAN was the rightful heir to the throne in Israel, but David was the Lord’s choice. Even though David was anointed king, there was spiritual action that had to happen to allow him to be positioned to be the next king of Israel.

“As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.” (1 Samuel 18:1 (English Standard Version).

The Lord caused Jonathan to love David and even though Jonathan was the rightful heir of the throne, he conceded the throne to David and Jonathan desired for David to rule over him king as over Israel. Jonathan’s words and actions positioned David as rightful heir after King Saul had gone.

The soul tie between the two allowed Jonathan to release the kingship inheritance to David. A soul tie has power to shift one’s destiny. A soul tie is a connection in the soul realm between two people. It links their souls together, which can bring forth either beneficial or negative results.

David’s soul was tied to Jonathan’s soul, which transferred the kingship from the house of Saul to the house of David. Many people have assumed that a soul tie is only between a man and a woman. Some have assumed a soul tie happens only when people have sexual intercourse, but a soul tie can be between friends of the same sex. Have you ever noticed friends who behave in the same way and even start thinking the same way and making the same kinds of decisions?

The soul tie between David and Jonathan shows us the power of the soul tie how by just a vow, Jonathan aligned his friend to be the next king over Israel. This link between them aligned David to fulfil the purpose of God over his life.

The main purpose of soul ties is marriage when God joins the two, a man and a woman, together in holy matrimony. The Bible tells us that they become one flesh. Soul ties are not only created during sexual intercourse, but can be created when one makes a vow or speaks, tying themselves to another. David and Jonathan, because of their unique friendship, made vows that connected them to one another.

The beauty of a soul tie within marriage is it creates a bond and can even get so deep that when one within the partnership is happy even when they are miles apart, the other one is also happy. The bible says the two will cleave together and become one flesh; this bond to each other binds the couple together. The purpose of this cleaving is to build a very healthy, and strong relationship between husband and wife. The tie allows their destiny or purpose to become one Matthew 19:5, “And he said, for this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh.”

Soul ties can also have a negative effect on a person because some people have inherited battles and even curses that are not theirs and some have been fighting their friends’ battles. When David inherited the kingship grace, he also inherited the responsibility that Jonathan had and that is why later he began to take care of Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth. Some become victims of negative soul ties with people who are no longer a part of their lives. Soul ties are established through vows. So be careful who you tie yourself to.

God bless you!

l Humphrey Mtandwa is an anointed minister of the gospel and teacher of the Word based in South Africa. He has written several books including The Enoch Generation, Truthfulness and Theophany. He blogs at mtandwa.blogspot.com and can be contacted via e-mail or WhatsApp on +27 610286350.

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