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Studio breathes life into young talent



EMERGING music label Big Bass Entertainment is set to change the game in the music industry after setting up an acoustic live recording studio that will be used to record music by upcoming musicians.

The production house’s founder, Tariro Manika, told NewsDay Life & Style the initiative followed the realisation that there was vast talent in Zimbabwe, but with limited recording opportunities.

“I came up with an idea of opening up a recording studio for those young people who do not have the means or money to record their music and I went to places like Mabvuku and took few young artistes and started our studio to discover their talents,” he said.

“We are adding the rehearsal and live recording studio since we are encouraging our artistes to record live. We want them to have the experience of a live recording with a band so that they get used to it. In the next two to three months we would be done with this project.”

Manika added that the label has nurtured young artistes including Zebra, who has dominated a local radio station’s Top 40 charts alongside Loreta’s song, Marijuana.

The label has also worked with some established artistes such as Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, Tanga WekwaSando and Ti Gonzi.

Manika said they would be paying their artistes to ensure a higher retention rate.

He said they have since secured international platforms for selling their music which they will be making use of to promote upcoming artistes and will also make use of platforms like YouTube, Apple iTunes and Sportify.

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