Nobuntu misses padbank target



NOBUNTU, who had targeted to raise 1 000 sanitary pads for distribution during the second edition of their Pad Bank Concert held at the National Arts Gallery in Bulawayo on Saturday, only managed to raise 410 pads and $400.

The group attributed the development to a brutal cold spell on Saturday, which kept many people indoors.

The music outfit, however, expressed satisfaction with the outcome after the show attracted a multi-racial crowd keen to support a good cause.

The show was hosted by songbird Lady Tshawe, whose acapella group, Focus, also took to the stage with a scintillating performance.

Nobuntu spokesperson Keith Moyo told NewsDay Life & Style that one of their partners from last year also pledged to match the donation.

“Although our target was not reached considering a lot of various factors that affected the weekend entertainment scenery around the city, we are very aware that our cause does not end with the event closing down but rather, is an on-going process. Therefore, we are still open for donations towards reaching our intended target,” he said.

Moyo said the group was impressed by the audience’s efforts in light of the unforgiving weather conditions.

“However, an impressive number came through with over 60 people coming to watch the group perform. The venue seats were impressively filled up. Nobuntu would like to thank them for being worthy partners and coming out in full support of the cause,” he said, adding that the concert had become a landmark event after people who turned up also enquired about the next edition.

“From the post-concert feedback, most of the people have promised to support the initiative for as long as it runs,” he said.

The sanitary wear will be distributed among selected youth centres to create and boost pad banks for young females who are using these spaces.