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MDC accuses Zanu PF of hampering service delivery



THE MDC-dominated local authorities have blamed the Zanu PF-led government’s lack of clarity and apparent discord in its fiscal policies for hampering service delivery in the country.

MDC deputy secretary for local government Clifford Hlatshwayo said the central government had failed to put its house in order and was exhibiting contradictions, discord and panic in executing fiscal policies, thus affecting council budgets.

“These challenges are manufactured by Zanu PF, a de facto government that controls central government. Its interference is all over in our local authorities, but our mayors and councillors are trying to deliver smart services,” he said.

Residents have accused municipalities of failing to deliver potable water and collect garbage.

“Our councils did their budgets using the 1:1 rate of the Zimdollar against the United States dollar and now [Finance minister Mthuli] Ncube introduced something different from what was planned. This has hampered service delivery. That has affected councils and residents who can’t even pay rates now. This economic challenge is affecting everyone and people can’t even pay rents,” Hlatshwayo said.

He, however, said his party remained committed to the provision of services and achieve its smart city initiative.

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