ICTA raps killing of foreign drivers in SA

The International Cross-Border Traders Association (ICTA) has expressed concern over the increasing number of cases in which truck drivers from around Africa, who legally work in South Africa, are being assaulted, threatened or killed in that country.


ICTA president Denis Juru said the South Africans were planning to attack foreign nationals today, according to a circular on social media and posters found at some loading-points in that country.

“We, therefore, advise all drivers around Africa to stop the movement of any South Africa-registered trucks outside South Africa, on Monday (today). Let us stop them until the South African government addresses the rights of foreign nationals,” he said.

Foreigners in South Africa, Zimbabweans included, have repeatedly faced serious attacks from the South Africans who are accusing them of taking jobs that are supposed to benefit locals.

“Let’s isolate South Africa from Africa. We have plenty South Africans studying and working outside South Africa,” Juru said.

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